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Late Summer Coyote Tactics

Man walking with his rifle and electronic caller for Coyote Hunting

Allowing a few minutes for everything to settle down, I selected coyote pup howls on my remote and began my calling sequence. With the howls only playing for a mere thirty seconds, I thought I heard a coyote howling back at my call.

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Three Things Bowhunters Should Do Before The First Day Of Summer

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When turkey season ends and the days continue to grow longer and warmer, it’s hard to think about the dropping temperatures and crisp mornings that’ll come back around in just three to four months. Unless you’re an avid bowhunter. Throughout the summer, the months ahead consume the bowhunter’s thoughts. They know time passes fast. Preparations for the upcoming deer season must begin promptly to reap the benefits during those chilly fall mornings.

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3 Common Mistakes Made By Turkey Hunters

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Many things can make a hunt go south in turkey hunting if one gives up or lets a mishap control the hunt's outcome. After talking with Michael Heffernon about his willfulness to keep hunting, he shared three common mistakes he experienced while turkey hunting. Again, not letting mistakes affect the hunt and continuing to hunt is vital for a successful turkey season.

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Turkey Hunting: Three Tips to Start Your Opening Day with a Bang!

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All turkey hunters look forward to opening day and the excitement that comes from getting back into the woods after a long winter of sitting at home. Turkey calling skills have been practiced and honed, scouting is complete, and birds have been located. This is your year – the year you’ll harvest a mature gobbler on opening day. At least it can be. Follow these three tips to kick off your opening day with a literal bang!

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Fred Eichler on Winter Coyote Hunting

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Fred Eichler has been calling coyotes all across the country for over 35 years. Whether the Trinidad, Colorado resident is hunting coyotes for his popular television show Predator Nation, guiding clients for his business, Full Draw Outfitters, to protect livestock, or simply for fun by himself or with family, Eichler says the winter months are his favorite times to hunt these crafty predators.

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Decoy Tactics For Predator Hunting

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Can using a decoy while predator hunting help call in more predators? Using a decoy while trying to call in coyotes is a tactic that has been debated amongst veteran hunters for years, however, the use of a decoy for calling predators does, in fact, work. It comes down to knowing when and where to use them to their maximum potential and effectiveness. By using the following tips, predator hunters can achieve tremendous success when using decoys.

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The Right Gear Equals Confidence

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With 35 plus years of calling experience and numerous competition titles to go along with it, it is no surprise that Les Johnson has learned what works when calling coyotes. Johnson says he loves sharing his knowledge with other hunters in as many ways as he can.

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Five Steps For Early Season Scent Control

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While early-season bucks can be relatively simple to pattern, hunters still need to seal the deal by beating a buck’s best defense; his nose. And because early-season hunting is largely done with archery equipment, that means hunters need to get close. Scent-control is a must.

Controlling human odor while temperatures are still warm can be a challenge. Follow the five steps below, however, and the reward can be a trophy buck on the ground.

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Late Season Turkey-Hunting Tips

turkey hunter in mossy oak bottomlands shield series angatec shirt and pant

One of the most drastic changes is the way your hunting area looks. In most locations, these changes happen quickly and are often noticeable from day to day. Perhaps you could see for several hundred yards on opening morning. Today, the area may be in full foliage, limiting visibility.

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