Any season or pursuit, ScentBlocker bottoms provide ultimate protection from the elements, while defying the senses of big game. Choose from a variety of early, mid and late-season performance options in multiple camo patterns, with sizes for any hunter.

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  1. Axis Lightweight Pant
    Axis Lightweight Pant
  2. Featherlite Pant
    Featherlite Pant
    Special Price $21.99 $99.99
  3. Expedition Wool Pant
    Expedition Wool Pant
    Special Price $34.99 $69.99
  4. Midweight Wool Pant
    Midweight Wool Pant
    Special Price $20.99 $69.99
  5. 1.5 Performance Pant
    1.5 Performance Pant
    Special Price $29.99 $69.99

Products (5)

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