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carbon alloy fusix

By combining our industry leading Carbon Alloy™ technology and Fusix™, we are able to provide additional odor control coverage while increasing garment mobility. Carbon Alloy™ is the primary odor adsorbing technology, targeting the most extreme odor hot spots on your body, such as your underarms and torso, while Fusix™ provides further odor control coverage in high mobility areas of the garment, such as your forearms and shoulders.

carbon alloy

Our proprietary technology combines activated carbon, treated carbon and zeolite to adsorb the wide spectrum of odors generated by your body. The massive surface area of these natural particles pull in and trap odors until you reactivate your gear in the dryer.


A printed coating of engineered carbon that is permanently fused onto the fabric for an additional layer of odor protection. This provides odor-controlling technology in specific areas of a garment without restricting mobility.

Gold+ Alloy

A revolutionary technology that controls odors at the atomic level. Non-ionized gold and silver particles are permanently bonded with the fabric to safely destroy odors. The silver particles attack bacteria to destroy odors while the gold particles block odor molecules from clinging to the fibers of the fabric, even after washing. This technology helps to alleviate “perma-stink,” the issue of garments holding onto odors

Silver Alloy

Co-extruded silver technology that is combined with a synthetic fabric to attack bacteria and controls its growth in even the harshest environments. This dyeable fiber will not deteriorate and lasts the life of the garment.

Liquid Alloy

Specifically designed to work safely with our Carbon Alloy™ technology, we blend silver particles with a natural surfactant to safely destroy surface odors, as well as penetrate and neutralize airborne odors.

OZ Active Odor Destroyer

Ozone generators are specifically designed to emit a powerful stream of ozone molecules to seek out and destroy odor, as well as attack bacteria, viruses, mold, mildew and more. When ozone comes into contact with these contaminants, their chemical structure is changed to a compound no longer recognizable as an offensive odor. As ozone continues to attack these compounds, the odor is eventually destroyed through a process called oxidation, ultimately reverting the ozone back into standard oxygen.


Our revolutionary CycleClean™ technology allows our generators to moderate their output by alternating between active and resting phases, helping to achieve maximum efficiency while allowing the units to turn themselves on and off as necessary without the need for personal attention.