The Right Gear Equals Confidence

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With 35 plus years of calling experience and numerous competition titles to go along with it, it is no surprise that Les Johnson has learned what works when calling coyotes. Johnson says he loves sharing his knowledge with other hunters in as many ways as he can.

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Five Steps For Early Season Scent Control

While early-season bucks can be relatively simple to pattern, hunters still need to seal the deal by beating a buck’s best defense; his nose. And because early-season hunting is largely done with archery equipment, that means hunters need to get close. Scent-control is a must.

Controlling human odor while temperatures are still warm can be a challenge. Follow the five steps below, however, and the reward can be a trophy buck on the ground.

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Late Season Turkey-Hunting Tips

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One of the most drastic changes is the way your hunting area looks. In most locations, these changes happen quickly and are often noticeable from day to day. Perhaps you could see for several hundred yards on opening morning. Today, the area may be in full foliage, limiting visibility.

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What's In Your Turkey Vest?

Kenny Davis turkey hunting with Blocker Outdoors finisher vest

A turkey vest is essential to being a versatile turkey hunter. A good vest can organize and carry the calls, tools and other gear you'll need for success in any scenario spring gobbler may put you in.

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Coyote Hunting in the Extreme Cold

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We’ve established the unique circumstances that can lead to increased coyote-calling and hunting success during the extreme cold-weather period. But none of this matters if coyote hunters can’t dress warmly enough to stay in the field.

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