3 Things To Know Before Fall Turkey Hunting

A Man sitting on the ground Fall Turkey Hunting

“They are close,” I whispered to my father. We decided to sit down in the spot we were standing to prevent being seen. After hurrying to put on our gloves and facemask, I used a mouth call to signal the nearby roosted birds. After seven to eight minutes of periodically yelping on my mouth call, we heard wings flapping as the turkeys flew off the roost. As the sound grew louder, I quickly realized they would land directly in front of us. When the lead gobbler hit the ground, my trigger finger squeezed the shot from my 12-gauge shotgun.

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3 Ways To Hunt October Whitetails

Man In A Treestand With Antlers Recreating Buck Fighting Sounds wearing blocker outdoor gear

The month of October can often catch a bad name from hunters; some refer to the slow period of deer movement as the “October lull.” Hunters respond by approaching October hunting as a time to be patient and wait for November rut action. If you fall under that category, you may be missing out on some of the best hunting opportunities all season.

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Late Summer Coyote Tactics

Man walking with his rifle and electronic caller for Coyote Hunting

Allowing a few minutes for everything to settle down, I selected coyote pup howls on my remote and began my calling sequence. With the howls only playing for a mere thirty seconds, I thought I heard a coyote howling back at my call.

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Gearing Up For Your Next Elk Hunt

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For some hunters, the hunting season begins with a trip west searching for elk. Many western states begin their elk seasons at the end of August or sometime in September. The late-summer start is typically one to two months earlier than deer season in most hunters’ home states, and this earlier starting date is why eager hunters often head west for their first hunt of the year. They have high hopes of punching their elk tag early, setting the stage for continued success throughout the remainder of the year.


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The Importance Of Supplemental Watering For Deer

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One might think supplemental watering is solely to help deer to stay cool during the hotter summer months, and that’s true; keeping your herd cool and hydrated is, in fact, a factor behind supplemental watering. One of the most prominent goals and benefits, however, is the same as supplemental feeding. Providing extra water aids in producing healthier deer and bigger bucks.

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Three Things Bowhunters Should Do Before The First Day Of Summer

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When turkey season ends and the days continue to grow longer and warmer, it’s hard to think about the dropping temperatures and crisp mornings that’ll come back around in just three to four months. Unless you’re an avid bowhunter. Throughout the summer, the months ahead consume the bowhunter’s thoughts. They know time passes fast. Preparations for the upcoming deer season must begin promptly to reap the benefits during those chilly fall mornings.

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3 Common Mistakes Made By Turkey Hunters

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Many things can make a hunt go south in turkey hunting if one gives up or lets a mishap control the hunt's outcome. After talking with Michael Heffernon about his willfulness to keep hunting, he shared three common mistakes he experienced while turkey hunting. Again, not letting mistakes affect the hunt and continuing to hunt is vital for a successful turkey season.

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Turkey Hunting: Three Tips to Start Your Opening Day with a Bang!

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All turkey hunters look forward to opening day and the excitement that comes from getting back into the woods after a long winter of sitting at home. Turkey calling skills have been practiced and honed, scouting is complete, and birds have been located. This is your year – the year you’ll harvest a mature gobbler on opening day. At least it can be. Follow these three tips to kick off your opening day with a literal bang!

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