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Fit and Finish


Blocker Outdoors’ adds new Finisher Custom Cut Glove to wildly popular turkey hunting series.

Things are said to ‘fit like a glove.’ And then there are gloves that, well, fit like a glove. Blocker Outdoors’ new Finisher Custom Cut Glove fits to perfection and can be customized to give you that special feel for the way you hunt.

The impressively featherlight, turkey-hunting-specific Finisher Custom Cut Glove offers special stitching lines for trimming to expose exactly how much finger, or fingers, you want for that native touch. Blocker’s unique stitching technique ensures that your personalized gloves won’t fray or fall apart, either. Expose your trigger finger, lefties and righties. Go fingertip-free throughout if that’s your thing. In short, make them your own.

Fit And Finish

The gloves’ exceptionally breathable, wicking, polyester material is also treated with Blocker’s signature S3® anti-microbial finish to minimize odors caused by sweat. The famed S3® treatment’s silver ions bind to and penetrate the surface of odor-causing bacteria on contact. Silver ions disrupt the microbe’s DNA, preventing the formation of odor.

The comfortable, ergonomically designed Finisher Custom Cut Glove also sports a silicone printed palm for enhanced grip. Whether with a bow or shotgun, you’ll appreciate the confident grip at that moment of truth.

Fit And Finish

Available in Mossy Oak Greenleaf and Mossy Oak Bottomland and sizes medium, large, and extra-large.

Finisher Custom Cut Glove FEATURES:

  • Feather-light breathable polyester fabric
  • S3® Anti-microbial finish prevents odors
  • Wicking treated for moisture management
  • Built to allow you to cut the tips off the thumb & index finger without fraying
  • Silicone printed palm for a better grip
  • Sizes medium, large and extra-large
  • Available in Mossy Oak Greenleaf and Mossy Oak Bottomland
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