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In with the GOLD

In With The Gold

Legacy hunting brand, Blocker Outdoors, refreshes brand-look to complement expanding collection of affordable, yet technologically advanced apparel.

Rebranding is nothing new. Pepsi got a facelift last year, the new look said to reflect the digital age and future while maintaining connectivity to its past. Elon Musk famously went to a rebranding extreme, turning Twitter into X, the company setting the table to develop a multifaceted super-app.

Not nearly as dramatic, but meaningful nonetheless, Blocker Outdoors sculpted its refreshed façade to reflect a timelessness earned over 45-years with a new tone and energy that better represent the technology and quality of its products.

In With The Gold

Blocker Outdoors Director of Marketing Steve Allie said, “We bridged the heritage of a brand that’s nearly a half century old to where it is, and where it’s going. Blocker products have really advanced from a technological standpoint, especially when you think about our progressive Finisher Turkey Series, selection of technical field pants, superior fabrics and cuts throughout, and what’s in our pipeline.”

Allie goes on to recognize other cells in the Blocker Outdoors DNA that will be further evidenced in the updated look. “Blocker is and will continue being a brand for hardworking Americans, providing a great value for so much performance.”

He continues: “Blocker offers a wide range of prices outside the carbon footprint, each featuring unique technologies and purposes. Blocker caters to a wide range of hunting categories, from whitetail deer and turkeys, to predators, bear, and elk in the foothills.”

In With The Gold

“Blocker Outdoors’ new tone and energy are crucial for where the marketplace is going, while still balancing with what customers are accustomed to seeing with a legend in the outdoor industry,” continued Allie. “Moreover, as we talk to our customers and reflect on our past and move forward, new branding and imagery will be crucial to a brand with the longevity of Blocker Outdoors.”

Allie wrapped up by saying, “You’ll still recognize the classic shield, just now refined as we look forward.”

In With The Gold
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