Mid Season

ScentBlocker equips you for full season success with outerwear built for the fluctuating conditions of the mid season. Our flexible mid-season designs deliver comfort, protection from the elements and top-performing odor adsorption… anywhere, on any hunt.

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  1. Dead Quiet Pant
    Dead Quiet Pant
  2. Protec HD Pant
    Protec HD Pant
    Special Price $74.99 $149.99
  3. Midweight Wool Pant
    Midweight Wool Pant
    Special Price $20.99 $69.99
  4. Apex Pant
    Apex Pant
    Special Price $80.99 $269.99
  5. downpour pant olive green
    Downpour Pant
    Special Price $69.99 $139.99
  6. Expedition Wool Pant
    Expedition Wool Pant
    Special Price $34.99 $69.99

Products (6)

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