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Taylor Drury Lands Favorite Wild Turkey Recipes

Taylor Drury with turkey

Taylor Drury Land has been immersed in the hunting industry for as long as she can remember. When she was younger, she spent summers working for her father’s company, Drury Outdoors. After high school and college, she dove into the family business, eventually becoming the social media and digital marketing manager. Her love for hunting runs deep, and she’s thrilled to promote and grow the brand. It is no surprise that Taylor returned to work in the hunting industry. She has spent her entire life in the hunting business; as she says, it is all she has ever known. “I love my job now, working on the social media sides of the company and promoting and growing the brand, which has blown up in popularity the past few years.” She said she loves her role in the company, which she can do from remote locations, which still allows her time to hunt, especially spring turkey hunting.

Despite her busy schedule, Taylor always finds time for her passion: hunting. With the upcoming turkey season approaching, she’s particularly excited. Last year, she had to skip hunting due to the birth of her daughter, Mabry, but now, with Mabry turning one soon, Taylor, her husband, and their little one are planning a turkey hunt in the Midwest with her parents and the Drury Outdoors family. Taylor’s love for hunting began at a young age, shadowing her father while scouting and listening to spring gobblers. By age ten, she had already harvested her first gobbler, igniting a lifelong passion that continues to drive her forward with unwavering enthusiasm. Taylor, now twenty-nine years old, eagerly looks forward to her annual return to the woods for turkey hunting, a cherished tradition she holds dear. What she loves most about these trips is not just the thrill of the hunt but also the camaraderie and tradition of turkey camp. Among the many highlights of turkey camp are the wild game recipes shared among family and friends, with one standing out: her father Mark’s famous turkey nuggets. Prepared in the air fryer, these nuggets are a beloved treat Taylor looks forward to enjoying each year.

Cooking wild game dishes is a passion Taylor has honed over the years, which is showcased through her contributions to various platforms like the Drury Outdoors Deer Cast app, YouTube, and partner websites like Cabela’s. Her talent in the kitchen has even earned her the role of host for a series called “Killing It In The Kitchen,” which features her delicious recipes on Instagram reels. Taylor’s commitment to wild game extends beyond hunting. She and her family rarely buy meat from the store, as their freezer is consistently stocked with venison, wild turkey, mule deer, and elk. Her daughter Mabry’s diet primarily consists of elk meat, a source of pride for Taylor and her husband. “If we go out to eat, we may order her beef, yet if we are at home, she primarily eats ground elk; that’s our proud parent moment.”

When asked about her favorite wild game recipes, Taylor eagerly shares her father Mark’s nuggets, pot pie, and enchiladas, each a mouthwatering delight. She graciously links recipes to those seeking to replicate these dishes. Taylor Drury Land’s journey epitomizes a deep-rooted connection to the hunting lifestyle. From childhood adventures with her father to her current role as a social media influencer and wild game chef, Taylor embodies a passion for sharing her love of the outdoors and its culinary delights. As she eagerly anticipates the upcoming turkey season, Taylor’s story is a testament to the enduring traditions, family bonds, and savory flavors that define the hunting experience for her and countless others.

Mark’s Nuggets –https://www.instagram.com/reel/CfcyS5DDZMj/?igsh=MXJ1MmswY2lmMmlodA==

Pot Pie – https://www.instagram.com/reel/CwRBT5_ttag/?igsh=aWtheHV5NG05bm10

Enchiladas – https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cva-OyStOrv/?igsh=MTQ5Z2w2ODl2czI3YQ==

Wontons –https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cdrj3M0DmYu/?igsh=MWVwODE4MW80aDRkZg==

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