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The Right Gear Equals Confidence


In predator hunting, there is a name that many hunters have come across when trying to acquire knowledge about successfully calling predators. With a successful television show, popular YouTube channel, countless videos across the web, and numerous interviews featured in predator hunting publications all across the United States, Les Johnson has become one of the nation’s most sought-after predator hunters.

At the age of 12, Johnson began calling predators. At the age of  19, he began entering coyote calling contests. He successfully competed for several years, winning numerous titles, including all 3 of the major titles, the World, Nationals, and Midwest Championships. Johnson has secured his place in coyote calling history by becoming one of the best callers that the country has ever seen.

With 35 plus years of calling experience and numerous competition titles to go along with it, it is no surprise that Les Johnson has learned what works when calling coyotes. Johnson says he loves sharing his knowledge with other hunters in as many ways as he can. “When I was getting started calling predators, I did not have the resource to go watch videos and learn from the pros. I had to do it by the school of hard knocks,” says Johnson. “Hunters now have access to YouTube channels like mine, and access to an abundance of tips and information at the tips of their fingers,” added Johnson.

Going from a beginning coyote caller to a successful coyote caller is one of the most commonly asked questions that Johnson hears from hunters.  He says that many hunters make 10 to 20 stands without any success, and they lose confidence. Johnson confesses, “I made 40 plus stands before calling my first coyote; that made me a better hunter. Johnson states that when he began paying attention to details such as his movement, setup, loudness, and how long to call during the unsuccessful calling attempts, he became successful. “By paying attention to details, I learned a lot, including patience,” says Johnson. “Having patience and confidence is two of the most important things for a beginning predator caller to learn to be successful,” added Johnson.

Another common issue entails hunters seeking the information as to what they are doing wrong. Johnson says that he hears hunters state, “I did well last year with calling coyotes, but this year it seems like I noticed when coyotes are coming in, they hold up 200 to 250 yards away and hang up.” Johnson says that when he hears this, he often questions, “what camouflage are you wearing?” “Wearing different types of camo on top then bottom makes it harder for a coyote to pick out a profile,” says Johnson. One thing that Johnson is famous for is that of shotgunning coyotes at close range. Johnson says that he relies on good camouflage to sit in the open country and still make the harvest.

Wearing a good camouflage is instrumental in helping predator hunters succeed. Johnson says that having quality gear is a significant factor, especially when hunting coyotes all day or in a competition. “I’ve always said the W in Wyoming stands for wind; it blows there all the time. A hunter must-have gear that will block the wind and keep them warm and comfortable to go strong all day. “I have hunted temperatures in Wyoming where the thermometer shows in the high 20’s, but when you are out in the wide-open, you will find wind chills that are near ten below zero. To continue to hunt all day, you have to have gear that keeps you warm.

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