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Underguard Base Layer

The Underguard Base Layers harness the power of our unrivaled Cold Fusion Carbon technology, which adsorbs odors on an atomic scale, creating a powerful physical bond to provide you with the ultimate in stealth. Combined with a fabric designed to provide strength, comfort, and temperature regulation in virtually any condition, the Underguard series will outperform all expectations.

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  1. Underguard 2.0 Base Top
    Underguard 2.0 Base Top
    Special Price $59.99 $79.99
    Save up to 25%
  2. Underguard 2.0 Base Bottom
    Underguard 2.0 Base Bottom
    Special Price $59.99 $79.99
    Save up to 25%
  3. ScentBlocker Underguard Base Bottom
    ScentBlocker Underguard Base Bottom
    Special Price $25.00 $99.99
    Save up to 75%
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