Shield Series Drencher Insulated Pant

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The Drencher Insulated pant will keep everything on the inside warm and dry, while repelling rain, sleet, and snow. Designed by hardcore hunters who refuse to be limited, the Drencher is made with waterproof insulated fabric and its cut flexible and mobile as the day is long.

  • S3™ silver antimicrobial technology
         For odor prevention
  • Waterproof construction
         Keeps you dry
  • Insulated fabric
       For added warmth
  • Elastic waist with snap fly
       Helps keep pants in place
  • Front slash pockets
       For easy accessible storage
  • Adjustable ankle cuff with snap closure
       Allows for a tapered fit
Late Season


RainBlocker is a waterproof & windproof technology that allows breathability while remaining impermeable to outside moisture


Waterproof, windproof, breathable technology which is impermeable to outside moisture, while allowing perspiration from inside and dispersing it through the membrane system. Garment seams are heat sealed and secured with waterproof tape.

S3 technology contains Silver ions that bind to and penetrate the surface of odor-causing bacteria on contact, preventing the formation of odor.


Silver ions bind to and penetrate the surface of odor-causing bacteria on contact. Silver ions disrupt the microbe's DNA, preventing the formation of odor and keeping your garments fresher, longer.

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