A photo of Jim Edlund

Jim Edlund

Outdoor Writer

For nearly two decades, Jim’s writings have been published in fishing magazines and digital outlets including North American Fisherman, Outdoor Life, and In-Fisherman. Jim has also created content for numerous fishing and hunting manufacturers.

From ice fishing to fly fishing, panfish to catfish, Jim’s a fan of whatever’s biting. His favorite topics include fishing electronics, ice fishing, and walleye fishing. Besides pursuing whitetail, Jim is also getting back into duck and goose hunting. In his spare time, Jim enjoys helping newbies and kids learn to fish.  

Wild Foraging

morel mushrooms

Another winter has departed from the Upper Midwestern landscape. Stream trout season is open; turkeys are gobbling; crappies have moved into shallow bays; and thousands upon thousands are chasing willing walleyes on rivers.

With a bead on the weather, you know it’s morel hunting time when night-time temps are consistent in the high 40s to low 50s at night with daytime temps in the 60s, occasional rain, and a return to soil temperatures between 45 and 50 degrees.

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Winter Coyote Hunting: More Value For Your Dollar

Winter Coyote Hunting

Blocker ambassador, Ethan Stubbs, is an all-around outdoorsman. From turkeys, to pheasants, to whitetails, he does it all… And when winter comes around, he’s hunting coyotes, whose population in his local NE Iowa “Driftless Region” is above carrying capacity. As such, there’s no coyote limit, and most Iowa counties pay hunters per each animal brought in to help with management initiatives.

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Finisher Turkey Series Expands

wearing turkey hunting pants with rifle

A season ago, Blocker Outdoors introduced the Finisher Turkey Series to great fanfare from the thunder chicken crowd. Previously, it was mostly cobbling together whitetail gear that did its best to match the temperatures, terrain conditions, and general needs of turkey hunting. But knowing the seriousness of these guys and gals, and the specific requirements of turkey hunting, the Finisher Turkey Series was born.

And for the 2024 gobbler season, Blocker is proud to introduce the Finisher Lightweight Turkey Pant, lighter weight version of the original Finisher Turkey Pant. 

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Fit and Finish

studio shot of finisher glove on

Blocker Outdoors’ adds new Finisher Custom Cut Glove to wildly popular turkey hunting series. 

Things are said to ‘fit like a glove.’ And then there are gloves that, well, fit like a glove. Blocker Outdoors’ new Finisher Custom Cut Glove fits to perfection and can be customized to give you that special feel for the way you hunt. 

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Season of Trophy Bucks

Ben Rising with Trophy Buck

Big buck purist Ben Rising puts in multi-state sits and triumphs early- to late-season with three giants, including a monster, 213-inch Illinois buck.

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